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Since the establishment of Shree Ram Group in 1992, the group was able to find the values and concepts in business management, and has taken over the past decade a lot of bold steps, and has invested in many areas of business.

The modern thinking, creativity and innovation are the most important foundations on which the group has been established, since the beginning of growth and prosperity of the various sector in Gujarat and Maharashtra. We continue to seek opportunities for growth across geographies and industries. With a continued focus on entrepreneurial management, we maintain high standards of performance and accountability in all our business to consistently keep our promise to our customers, partners and employees.

As a family business has various investments, our strength is the result of an ever-expanding range of industrial activities in the area of Ship recycling, construction and cryogenic manufacturing; supported by rich financial, administrative and operational experience.

    Shri. Mukesh Patel
Over 21 years we took bold steps towards an unprecedented expansion, and today we clearly see the benefits of our painstaking efforts, as we turned from a small company to a group of companies that is a unique example among counterparts in the Gujarat.
In Shree Ram Group we have ambitious future targets to achieve in accordance with our remarkable capabilities, and our vision is to expand in India as well as internationally, by undertaking projects in different parts of the India, and provide the same level of service quality and reliability that Shree Ram Group has been characterize currently.
We value the importance of our relationships and will continue to remain fair and transparent in our dealings with all employees, clients, and vendors. Our clients count on our dependability, our drive, and our integrity.

God is the Source of strength …

Mukesh B Patel, 
Chairman and MD,

Shree Ram Group